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We had talked about a holiday in Cuba, but we had was very excited, so I was very surprised, 'said' OK, yes, I've already booked! We, the usual tours and visits in the former have a few days ago, you said we have to take a chill -out day at the resort the next day. The next day was quiet in the pool, most of the guests had gone to see a banana plantation. After lunch at the pool, which suggested we have a few drinks before a nap in the afternoon, I had the idea! He called the waitress at the bar a couple of drinks, and special camps for you to bring Cuban rum for me. brought the literotica drinks and said. 'My name is Roberta, you can enjoy your drinks The heat of the sun and rum began, I feel very tired and before I fell asleep knowing that I woke up. A beginning and tried to get up, but I could not move, I was sitting, but tied to a wooden chair. I was in shorts in the pool, but now I was literotica naked, I looked up, the starclaim that in literotica the nude in front of me, also tied to a chair. Roberta are grouped and several large men around. Roberta was not smiling this time ' So I decided to talk to all members, both his family will be well if the ransom money, after all, are very rich people in London. Our contact with them. ' we are not rich or London, he said, ' the common people of Yorkshire, literotica Roberta laughed,' do not lie with us, or trying to escape, because eventually it will look pretty stupid running naked through the Havana, the room was hot and I could see the sweat running down his body and I could feel were my own. A man walked into the room and whispered to Roberta, 'Well, she said, she will not pay. We have to get account numbers from you. She told the man to leave and continue literotica negotiations I tried again for, but said Roberta simply ignored my pleas. She took the men on the other side of the room and whispered to them. 's back to meHe said: 'These men talk to your wife to see, we know how long to give us the numbers, and we will video it takes for her family in London Tied to the chair without doing anything, I men put on their shirts and shorts. approached him in his chair and wriggled away from them, but could only move one or two inches. Even under the circumstances he could see quite impressive erection and met to ensure both sides of you, I had a good view. hands caressed her breasts and cocks closed in his face. I suddenly felt a shock down and felt my own cock noticed swelling in her eyes. Roberta had, of course, this and called another time: ' Hey look at this lady Kim. It might take a while to convince her husband to give us the numbers. a few yards ahead of me hands all over my body, teasing her nipples and stroked her breasts. A hand slipped into her pussy, but man literotica complained that tied the knee together could not reach. Roberta Dom ties loosened and swung her legs out to the legs of the chair and tied him. Her pussy is free for everyone to me and I remembered just for this party Trim visible. They quickly found eager fingers and started rubbing her pussy lips with two fingers and writing. Meanwhile, above, a literotica hard cock swelling in the cheek that had to head, but her lips met only one other from the other side, put it in the mouth and head out of sight I saw her mouth hovering over it for a few seconds and walked away, but his tail was immediately replaced by literotica another hand. This time it was more subdued in his mouth. The sight of all this cost me a lot is huge and, of course, was discovered by Roberta, who said: ' As a form of torture is not very far, but a good fuck damn good, huh ? Roberta was in them turned to me oneSked, 'says his wife to eat pussy? And sliding her dress, which climbed into the arms of his chair and sat down in the face, which is obviously not as enthusiastically as if he had to deal with Dick , but gently stretched pussy literotica a tongue thrust reduction after literotica a few gentle licks mouth to gobble up her pussy. at that time I had off, I do not run to escape ran to join me up was Roberta of his face and stuck her finger in her pussy, she started, you have to eat. Now your mouth without the taps again, but this time there was no turning back, holding, sucked and licked like a woman possessed, and pushed .. hips forward so that Roberta had full access to her pussy a tail out of the mouth and broke a flood of milk in her breasts and belly Roberta pulled her mouth free from you and returned to me, ' your wife knows, I'm sure you know the taste, and put his mouth on mine,lick all your juices on his lips and tongue. Now that has been well covered in cum tits and ran the drop in her pussy and cock sucking mouth was reached. Suddenly the door burst open and walked two men, was one of the negotiators before, said : ' We're screwed, it's the wrong partner, the rich went home yesterday The fourth whole frozen !. and then the whole world, but I laughed and applauded. they were released is out of the chair and saw that there were strings attached at all, I was the only real obligation. She came up to me . ' that was a surprise holiday, always said he wanted to see, so it is here, and we have the video for home use. ' It's not all, Roberta said :' This is my husband, Tom, Big Tom to your friends! And she took a step back with the other man come in who was black was to reveal, not many, but not related to his great height. His penis was swollen and reached the top of the chest. I wasstill in the chair and my cock stiffened again Roberta came to you and I bend down and began to caress and kiss my cock. I looked over the back, like Tom massive meat covered with oil and came up behind him, I felt my head jerk as they constantly pushed her pussy and then began a steady fucking. She and Roberta were changing the face on me and when I got shot in Roberta me in your mouth. Meanwhile, all I could feel what it was that damn amazing, you were always after what seemed like ages Tom stiffened and cried, and he pumped his semen inside of you. Tom took from you, you turned and stroked his cock in gratitude, and kissed him one last literotica drop of cum out of him, and turn again to his lips Roberta ' literotica and squeezed the last drops in the mouth. always we have the video yet, it heats up more than one session.
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